Husky VS Golden Retriever: Which Breed Is Perfect For You?

We are going to talk about the dog Siberian Husky vs. Golden Retriever. Both the Siberian Husky and the Golden Retriever are stunning, adored breeds. Huskies and Golden Retrievers are very different from one another, despite certain similarities. One is more energetic, has a wider variety of fur colors, and often lives a few more years, while others have golden fur and are highly respected for their loyalty.

Find out more about these breeds’ differences below!

husky vs golden retriever

Origins of the Husky and Golden Retriever:

Dogs of the husky and golden retriever breeds have diverse histories.

A half-million years ago, in Siberia’s Arctic area, a breed of dogs called huskies first appeared. The Chukchi people bred them as working dogs to aid in dragging sleds and hunting. Huskies are renowned for their stamina and power, as well as for having thick, double coats that keep them warm in frigid climates.

On the contrary, the Golden Retriever appeared in Scotland in the middle of the 19th century. A Scottish aristocrat by the name of Sir Dudley Marjoribanks, sometimes known as Lord Tweedmouth, created the breed.

Midway through the 1800s, Lord Tweedmouth started breeding dogs to develop a retriever that would be more effective than the current breeds for hunting in the Scottish Highlands. He bred a Tweed Water Spaniel and a yellow-colored Retriever and later added a Bloodhound, an Irish Setter, and additional Tweed Water Spaniels.

Although Huskies and Golden Retrievers are both well-known dog breeds today, their development was based on different needs and in different regions of the world.

Husky and Golden Retriever Characteristics of the Body:

Medium-sized dogs known as huskies have piercing blue or brown eyes, thick fur, and pointed ears. On the other side, golden retrievers are bigger dogs with wavy golden fur and floppy ears. Golden Retrievers can weigh up to 75 pounds, making them normally larger than Huskies.

Husky VS Golden Retriever Behavior:

Both species get along well with people and families, but they have different personalities and behavioral patterns. The independence and stubbornness of huskies are well known. They need a lot of physical activity to stay healthy.

However, golden retrievers are friendlier and more laid-back. They are highly regarded for their loyalty and are regularly used as service and therapy dogs.

Husky VS Golden Retriever Lifestyle Requirements:

Huskies are comfortable in lower temperatures and need a lot of activity because they were bred for cold climates. They require lots of room to move about and play, making apartments unsuitable for them.

On the other hand, golden retrievers may survive in apartments as long as they get adequate exercise and can adjust to different temperatures.

Husky VS Golden Retriever Feeding Habits:

Both Huskies and Golden Retrievers have different feeding habits due to their unique nutritional needs and body types.

Because huskies are known to be lively and active dogs, they need a diet strong in protein and low in fat. They need fewer carbohydrates in their diet because they have a quick metabolism. Giving a husky an excessive amount of fat might cause weight gain and other health problems. High-quality dry or wet dog food can be given to huskies twice daily, but they also need a lot of fresh water all day long, especially while they are exercising.

On the other hand, because of a slower metabolism and propensity for obesity, Golden Retrievers should eat a diet that is balanced in terms of protein, carbohydrates, and good fats.  High-quality dry or wet dog food can also be given twice a day to golden retrievers.

A veterinarian should be consulted for specific feeding recommendations for your dog because their dietary requirements might change depending on their age, amount of activity, and general health.

Husky and Golden Retriever Training and Exercise Needs:

Golden retrievers and huskies both need a lot of training and exercise.

Huskies must be trained from an early age, and obedience training is essential for them to follow instructions. Additionally, they require regular exercises like jogging or long walks to prevent boredom and disruptive behavior.

Even though they are easier to train than Huskies, Golden Retrievers still require regular training and exercise to maintain their mental and physical health.

Husky and Golden Retriever Health Issues:

Although both Huskies and Golden Retrievers tend to be healthy breeds in general, they are also prone to a few health problems.

Huskies are susceptible to hip dysplasia, eye problems, and skin allergies.

Golden retrievers are more likely to develop heart problems, hip dysplasia, and cancer.

These health issues can be avoided and managed with routine veterinary checkups.

Husky VS Golden Retriever Size:

Both huskies and golden retrievers are medium- to large-sized breeds; however, they differ in some ways in terms of typical size.

Height: Adult male Huskies range in height from about 21 to 24 inches. That is 53 to 61 cm, and adult female Huskies are around 20 to 22 inches in height. That is 51  to 56 cm.

On the other hand, adult male golden retrievers range in height from about 23 to 25 inches. That is 58 to 64 cm, and adult female golden retrievers are around 21.5 to 22.5 inches in height. That is 55  to 57 cm.

Weight: Adult male Huskies weigh about 45 to 60 pounds. That is 20 to 27 kg, and adult female huskies weigh around 35 to 50 pounds. That is 16 to 23 kg.

On the other hand, adult male golden retrievers weigh about 65 to 75 pounds. That is 29 to 34 kg, and adult female golden retrievers weigh around 55 to 65 pounds. That is 25 to 29 kg.

Husky vs Golden Retriever Price:

The price of a Husky or Golden Retriever can vary depending on several factors. In general, both varieties are relatively expensive.

Huskies are often more expensive than Golden Retrievers. A Husky from a good breeder can cost anywhere from $800 to $2,500 or more.

On the other hand, golden retrievers usually cost between $500 and $2,000. Also, some breeders may charge more for puppies with champion bloodlines or exceptional pedigrees.


In conclusion, both Huskies and Golden Retrievers are outstanding dog breeds with distinguishing qualities. They both make wonderful pets for the right families, even though they may differ in several ways, including looks, temperament, and exercise requirements. Before determining which breed is best for you and your lifestyle, it’s critical to do your homework and understand the traits of each breed.

We hope that this post has given you useful knowledge about the distinctions between Huskies and Golden Retrievers.


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